Last week, the governor of Texas lifted all COVID restrictions, to be effective March 10, in the middle of Spring Break for most of Texas. He acknowledged COVID hasn’t disappeared, but is confident we have enough vaccine to get ahead of this pandemic.

The current 7-day average is between 4000–5000 new cases per day across the state.

Eric Gay/AP Riverwalk, San Antonio.

So do we have enough people vaccinated?

There are 26.2 million people over the age of 16 (the youngest age for the Pfizer vaccine). As of March 5, 2021, 8.56% of people over 16 have been fully vaccinated and 15.5% have received at…

Cherise Rohr-Allegrini, PhD, MPH

Dr. Rohr-Allegrini is an epidemiologist and tropical disease scientist currently working to prevent diseases through immunizations.

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