It’s not looking good, neighbors. Local cases continue to increase. What may look like a few days of decline recently is a little misleading. This chart shows the cases on the date they came in for testing or when their symptoms occur. So the data get back-dated. Don’t let that fool you, the numbers are on the rise and not slowing down. (The red line shows the 5 day average.)

Among community acquired cases, 90% have been symptomatic. Some of these folks have mild symptoms, some severe. The number of severe cases requiring hospitalization is increasing, putting a strain on our system.

In the graph below, the blue bar shows cases since May 25, the orange line shows the number of hospitalizations on a given day. We’re testing more, we’re finding more, and we’re finding sick folks.
(Edit: these are not admissions per day, but how many are in hospital on a given day)

This is real.

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